Balloons in Squawk Block - Bug or intended?


  • Got into a weird situation: When i played a block mission containing balloons, during the fight SOMETIMES the whole block falling down, and this was only at the beginning of the wave, the most bottom of the block haven’t touched the bottom screen yet.
  • I don’t know exactly what could make this behavior happen, so i tested a little bit, describe in the picture above:
    • Red circle is the original position of tested balloon chicken in the block.
    • I shoot all the balloons of that red guy, but not killing that chicken.
    • I also time it: The chicken touched the bottom screen in THE SAME TIME the block touched the right screen.
      => The result is the whole block falling (from the yellow circle) to the bottom screen and despawn.
      => So what do you think? For me this is unintended behavior cause by new balloon breed.

Yes, this is unintended. It can’t easily be fixed, so I’ve removed balloons from squawk altogether.

Fixed in v.64 :medal_sports: Bug


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