Audio from right to left

In all Chicken invaders episodes 1 to Universe, The more you are moving to the right all the audio will happen there will be decreased for example if you move to the right you may not hear clearly the sound your space ship makes or a sound where the chicken egg. Moving to the left will make all sounds increase
Just in general right volume is lower than that of left.
(Sorry, it’s hard to explain.)

when you’re far from the center, the sounds get to where your ship at and smaller, why are you making this topic

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I still confuse why this user create a topic to report idea or bug? There’s a place to report idea and bug tho. (Sorry if u guy not understand what i saying)


(Well this about me is a joke)
Though i thought this is the right place to talk about general stuff about CI episodes.

Audio volume depends on the sound source position: chicken which drops an egg at the right edge of screen will cause sound playing only in right audio channel, but only if you have stereo audio output. If you have mono speakers/headphones, only left audio channel is used for playing sounds while right channel is ignored, with exception of phones: they usually fuse right and left channel and make it mono.

Speaking in short: if you don’t hear sounds when they happen at the right edge of screen, you have mono speakers.


What @VerMishelb said. The only thing to add is that in CIU you can turn off “Stereo panning” in the Sound options to “fix” this.


I have stereo, guess I’ll change some settings.

They seem like they are stereo already but for some reason, appearently my right speaker doesn’t work.

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