Asteroid vortex safe zone Expansion

So when i play a mission with my BX-9 Mjolnir, and asteroid vortex appears i notice the safe zone appears not big enough for the spacecraft and the asteroids will get too close to the spacecraft. I have an idea where the safe zone is a little bigger for the bx family since its the biggest only, and so it doesn’t crash easily

Should this be added to the game?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Let IA think about it
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Well, I take that as a part of the challenge so No.

The safe zone being small is entirely intentional. Enlarging it would increase the likelihood of an asteroid crashing into a player, which is not beneficial as you think otherwise. Besides, safe zone marks are generally only applicable for a short time, so you should check your surroundings and figure out the actual safe zone accordingly.

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This wave really confuse me i think the safe zone really have problem

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the problem with the safe zone is that it doesn’t tell you to stay there in order to not get hit
its actually telling you to stay close to that when the asteroids appear

one time I was using my legendary cuisiner, then the asteroid vortex wave came up

by staying there while barely moving around, and asteroid actually managed to get close enough to the center of the safe zone, which destroyed my spacecraft

So currently what you can do at the moment is destroy the asteroids as soon as possible without letting more take up space and increase the chance to crash in one of them

That’s its designed purpose. The safe zone is not supposed to be safe by the end of the wave, just like the danger zone is not necessarily that dangerous after the chickens have came in.


The topic was based on the bx series, not m408

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