Associate old account with an email

Hello, I have not played CIU in a while and had 2 accounts (I made another since I’ve been mostly playing at my dad) and when this e-mail feature has been added I was able to link an e-mail to my secondary account but not my 1st account. I do have save file of my 1st account but everytime I replace it with the existing ones it corrupts. Is there a way? or I screwed myself up…

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do you mean you have change your email? if you do that i think you cant restore it

try to ask interaction studios in a message

No I just cannot recover my old account, always gets corrupted when I replace save files but I could send them a message.

if you not play one hour at least on a month your account will deleted
but if you was bought any thing you will not lose it

This is what I understood from the instructions, my information is not very accurate

Yea… I had that account before e-mail accounts were a thing. I played on it on version 35 and I do still have the save file so it might still be recoverable

may be … try to ask interaction studios

from here you can find at right at the top message
send him one

If you were inactive for an entire year and didn’t set an e-mail address for that account, it’s deleted probably. You will also lose your account if you have less than 1 hour of total playtime and haven’t been active for 4 weeks, as well as if you have lees than 10 minutes total playtime and haven’t been active for a week.

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I haven’t been a while on it, do have a lot of hours on it but not an e-mail since I’ve been playing on it before this feature was added

Playtime has no effect on whether or not it’ll be removed if the account was inactive for an entire year(and has no e-mail) . It’s only taken into account for the other two cases I mentioned

I see, welp if it’s not recoverable then it is what it is… Little bit of progress but can get there quickly on another account if I grind a lot.

Or more idk anymore

If you have time.

Probably not, grinding on that TF2 Halloween contracts before it ends heh.

Wait… by looking at the last date modified on my original CIU installation, last time connecting to my main account was either 10th of December 2020 or 22th of March 2021, meaning I can still recover my account.

Unless I used my alternative account on it… I will let IA know.

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