Are we the good ones?


Its all started about we, humans eating chicken meat. Chickens are trying to keep their community alive so they are started attacking us with all they have. And there’s aliens, the (things?) there are randomly appears. And problem starts after there. We call peoples hero kill chickens for eating them. So, are we the real hero, or these soldier chicks and chickens. Or these weird aliens…


The humans are predators. The nature says that: Eat or be eaten!


Inb4 the Senate Henperor orchestrated the whole thing.


Its time for eating the vegans(jk).


Its the truth.


we are the ones who started


Oh my henterprise…


Sweater chicken’s yolk star…


When we started it, we were the bad guys, so the chickens wanted revenge. They tried again and again but failed. The problem is, in their single goal of revenge, they have taken over entire galaxies! Thus I think at this point in the story they are the bad guys. I think the roles switched at CI3? But then again, if you want to stop violence? Do you want to use violence? Why is this game so philosophical smh


If someone attacks me, I would defend myself. And that isnt a revenge. Thats a war, we are still eating them, and they are still trying to protect their henperor and community.


i mean they tried to take over the whole solar system in ci2
but yeah, we do eat the chicken’s family and they do everything they can to protect their families but ok
this just reveals the dark side of the game


We started it, we just ate them. Its like aliens eating your peoples so you just invade them to stopping the aliens


i’ve also had this idea of the turkeys (from the thanksgiving edition) be actually canon and join forces with the chickens because, we also eat them like the chickens


I think we are the bad ones. That makes us bully the chickens cause we are more powerful than them.


after all we aren’t the only ones who eat chickens, some animals eat them too


Maybe thats why they are weak. One of us kill millions of chickens. But chickens are fighting with foxes, us and much more animals. They are so strong.