Anyone else think the new BX ships aren’t necessary?

I really don’t know what to say that is positive about these new ships that were added, and I’m not trying to rant on them but I really don’t know if I prefer them or the Muller Cuisiner I have. They are actually pretty darn slow like I lost quite a decent amount of lives on one of the comet chase missions. But are they actually a lot more powerful with the weapon or not that much? What would you rather have? A BX or a Muller? I’d say the Muller for me.

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I think that they are boss rush based ships.
Altrough they struggle on hard bosses.
So… kinda agree.
Se can still equip the manovering jets to speed them a bit

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One question though: Why are you using Cuisiner at all? Deliverer has the same number of satellites but with a slightly smaller hitbox (but enough to pass between knives from Military Chicken unlike Cuisiner)


I finished Experimental Test Flight - Heavy Bomber on SSH losing only one life (on the asteroid wave) and used no special weapons. However you will have trouble fighting against the U.C.O., as I got a few close calls.

I still haven’t checked out the new spaceship, but I’ve heard some things about it.
Spaceship is SUPER powerful (it can fire 2 plasmas at once!!) that it can deal BIG damage. However, spaceship also have cons. It’s SUPER slow. Not just because it looks heavy, but it’s fat. You can buy maneuvering jets or whatever they’re called to increase the spaceship speed. You also need to collect more firepowers to get max power (idk how many pls dont spoiler, i want to find out on my own). That’s all I know now.

I actually completely stopped using my M408 and decided to only use the H&C 101. Mainly because it’s smaller, but also for the bonus keys.

But it only gives a +18% key bonus.

Right, I completely forgot how that actually works xd.

Well I use them but they’re not that fast still but I was thinking the same thing.

Wait really? I did not know that. I thought cuisiner was the best because it was the most expensive one. Guess I got played

Oh yeah the UCO did crash into me a couple times it was so annoying! But I beat it too

What about the Alien Mothership?

That would be hard because of how every part of it falls off when you destroy it and it shoots pretty fast.

Not at all, actually. Some weapons gain power very slowly, and are actually less powerful on the bombers before and around :zap:10.
As it is, the bomber is only potentially useful in very long missions where you actually have a decent chance of reaching high firepower.

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Like weekly challenges maybe

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Well, there’s eggular repulsor for huge hitboxes.

I don’t use that much even though I use the cuisiner a lot, I’m better off with that.

Very overpriced,though.

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Exactly cuz it’s pretty useful

a lot of keys for a spacecraft that moves slow . but you risk your life to get more power :slightly_smiling_face: