Any guidance on when to get the next skill?

As the title says, I need to know if i should wait for anything or try to spend money for better things like utensil poker amd a new spaceships. Or should I straightly go towards the next skill when I can.

I would definitely get Utensil Poker if you don’t have that (unless you already have another decent starter gun like Neutron/Plasma/Vulcan)

If you’re talking about weapons, I suggest Plasma Rifle or Utensil Poker.

If it’s skill levels, I suggest you just get Superstar Hero soon.

No im actually gonna get utensil poker because its good. Just tips on the skill is what i need

Plasma rifle no plasma rifle. Its not good.

Use manual fire for it.


i did but just did not satisfy my apitite of weapons. I love riddler and utensil poker as utensil poker always comes in handy. the lower in the list is laser canon and neutron blaster.

Actually loved it thanks.

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