Another one but it’s different


Name:The Scattered Chickens
What Is It; it’s a wave that has many chickens scattered you never know when one will come from it will be from chicks to Chickens it’s a pretty hard level what do you think IA?


Why do I have the feeling this thing already exists.


Yeah,I have that feeling too…oh well,must be just us.


Actually, now that you mention it, there are ſeveral waves from CI3 that fit the deſcription; even chicken geömetry does if you ſhoot faſt enough. More of it wouldn’t be a bad thing, though.


Yeah,it definitely would be just fine


@Chickenhunter, if you’re having trouble with the punctuätion on your keyboard, might I ſuggeſt that you ſeparate your ſentences with a ſlaſh or ſome other character? Even uſing a bullet point for each ſentence or ſeperating with a carriage return (putting an extra on in where it’s not clear) would help.


And why don’t you use normal letters like evreyone else? I barely understand anything.:joy:


I once wrote a chrome extenſion to make all text look like mine, but it didn’t work that well, and I haven’t had time to fix it. One of theſe days I’ll get around to it, but I’ve got a bunch of other projects to do too. What’s really fun for me is reading old books (I ſtarted reading the 1799 Britiſh Admiralty ſignalbook, but have been diſtracted with other ſtuff) in which the long ſ and diæriſes are uſed throughout, but I don’t have much time for that either.


i think you have problem with keyboard not him. I mean the letters.


Well excuse me but I’m typing from a phone DUH


Not you i mean Traveller


Oh well maybe he is too