Another bug on travelling?


  • I am in Lamedon, i want to go to Danae star system without using lots of fuel, so i choose offroad:
  • After the confirm, my ship moving, my fuel WAS USING (you can’t see the different in the picture because i got too much fuel):
  • And you can see that, i go to Danae, but i can’t explore any planet in Danae, but i still CAN go to other planet in Lamedon. So, i click on Danae and game told me that i need to travel to Danae, press confirm, but my ship didn’t move. Right now, the game force me using interstellar highway if i want to go to Danae.
  • My guess is: the orbit of both Lamedon and Danae are too close to each other so after the first confirm, the game still consider i am still in Lamedon. Please check that, thanks!

btw it seems like you misunderstood the word “constellation”, Danae and Lamedon you showed are bothe Star system, while “constellation” is a group of star(system). Oh and I thought travelling through interstellar Highway require less fuel?

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Ah yes it should be star system, edited. If you look in the image, if you use highway, you need to go a very long way around (Lamedon => Agatinodaemon => … => Peisenor => … => Danae), so in my case offroad to Danae is cheaper.

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Right – this is because Lamedon and Danae overlap (but they shouldn’t).

We’ll try to fix this without resetting the entire galaxy :thinking:


Atreus constellation: Moved Danae star system away from Lamedon to prevent overlap (server-side fix).

If anyone is in the area, please confirm whether Off-Road travel between those two systems works correctly in both directions.

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