Annoying bosses

  • U.C.O
  • Space Crab
  • Chicken-Multiplicity
  • Yolk-Star™
  • Egg Cannon
  • Henterprise

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upside down Yolk-star boss is hard to complete

Hard, but not annoying.

Apple core is legit the most annoying boss for me.
First of all,the amount of powerups it gives me distracts me from all those lasers. Whenever I try to get one,I get sniped by the apple core. It’s not like the powerups fly right at you,and it takes no effort to get them.
Second of all,I always try to go between those barriers so that I can get to the apple core and shoot it,but I always end up ramming into the barriers. I legit don’t think I can even beat this boss because the barriers just absorb all the bullets whenever I shoot at them. I swear,I hit an egg barrier with like 1 or 2 forks,and nothing even happened. So this boss is most likely borderline impossible.


Why is everyone voting Yolk Star? It’s the only difficult boss in the game, not annoying.

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excuse me for not being a part in the 10.1 version

So don’t try this tactic.

Spam the fire button, and you’ll eventuälly deſtroy the barriers.


Nope. Far eaſiër than the Yolk Star.

Ekhm. Sarcasm.


Yeah,dude,this orange guy is so bad at the game,he can’t even beat the damn apple core. Must be a first-timer.

Oh. Right. Sorry.
I was wondering.

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isn’t that you?

Not sure.
It’s just funny to me that people try to teach me how to beat an easy boss as if I’m a first-timer.
Yeah,man,I appear on the leaderboards every time I play a challenge,and I have no clue on how to beat a simple boss.

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The terminators are annoying.

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It’s usually those chickens that get me in the Yolk Star Boss fight.

Well it’s all part of the challenge I guess.

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But I Iike fighting with that boss!

But I can’t beat it even on tourist at 0% difficulty,how can you do it???

Bossa Nova and Space Crab v2.0 (both difficult and annoying, because they LOOK easy).


Just click normally + dodge + collect ez