An idea about the big Green-gas chickens

What if Instead of demolishing the hero’s spacecraft because of the close contact with the emitted poisonous gas of those green chickens, slowing the spacecraft movement way down for like 4 seconds if the hero got too close to those green poisonous gas?


Good idea. then there could be a new satellite that shoots green farts that slow and damage chickens

well, its poison, so you might die

That idea has merit, but it would be better suited to a new type of enemy rather than changing Toxics.


so are you making a new enemy?

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Maybe a chicken in band-aids that looks sick or like a mummy, and then it explodes, it releases yellowish toxins / souls that slow you down if you come into contact

Sounds epic!

You mean Big Toxic Chicken
Maybe not a bad idea but you need make some picture about boss attack skill

Tbh, toxic clouds destroying ships in only 1 second is too fast
It needs to be toned down to 2 or maybe even 3 seconds so that you shouldn’t linger too long on the clouds but you can quickly pass through them even with normal BX-9 with massive environment.

Also, can the toxic gas be a dark green liquid instead? It should have an obvious boundary, like with the CI3 yolk’s albumen texture. There’s also the problem of toxic cloud textures adding onto each other and that is lagging my computer.

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