An Extremely Guilty User?

Hello, @InterAction_studios !
I want to report that there is a user that has violated rule 5 in ToS by selling his account to another.
Here is the evidence:

He posted a video about the account purchase, and unlisted it before we can record, but fortunately, he later uploaded another video that shows his guilt. @Knightcap, in collaboration with me,, have tried to translate all of his video to English so that all of you can understand what this man said.
Hope justice will prevail in this case!
Thank you for reading!!!


Well, it’s really bad if some people do not agree with terms of ToS. They think that banning account trading in this game is not necessary, because a lot of successful games allow players to sell and purchase accounts for financial reasons.
It may seem logical, but in CIU community, we must comply with the rules that ToS brought in, because this game belongs to iA, not other game publishers. So, don’t use this Tori’s words to break the law.


Do you know which account this is? There’s no indication in the video.


Based on another video of this youtuber

It might be LamekoNoob, but I’m not 100% sure


Of course Is him
Callsign: Tori (AKA: LamekoIvan)


So he changed his callsign? But IA can still track him despite that?

He changed his callsign for the new channel
And IDK what IA Is gonna do
Also Tori didn’t read the ToS. Thats why

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ban the account obviously


Selling an OP account to someone for IRL money, huh?..

Welcome to the world of the Black Market.


we got uhhh very shady dealers


To think that some players, in the past, got banned for messing with the translation system in-game, now someone might get banned for selling their account to another for money. That’s a new level.

‘‘Should’’, not ‘‘might’’.


His callsign before trading account was Tori. Can you track this account?


I believe that account should be purchased for anyone who need it, and of course, purchasing anything ONLINE is very risky, you can lose all money paid for that account, and can you get back the money if you report him?
And if he has violated rule 5 in Youtube’s ToS, why you report this to iA?

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Because It happend in his game. and he can’t and never allow that.

From Chicken Invaders Universe - Terms of Service:

No matter if it’s real or fake, we should never tolerate dishonest progress and I’m in favor of a ban on this account.


I don’t think that’s Youtube’s TOS

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That’s actually IA’s ToS, indeed.


Thank you for your comment, but I see the word “may”
So it means we can still can sell or trade accounts?

I see it unlike something what he have said in this post

In legal documents, “may” has the same meaning as can, and “may not” has the same meaning as cannot or must not. So it does not have the same meaning as “I may not be able to complete today’s hard daily challenge”.