All of my ideas

I. New ideas

I.A. Weapons

  1. Shockwave Blaster
    Shockwave blaster

Some twist ideas:

  • The AOE deals the same damage.

  • Normal fire rate that deals small damage per shot.

  • Ability to knock back enemy (@ScarletCuboids).

  • Change AOE shape to a thin-road or a thin and long cone.

  1. Nail/Trap/Thorn/Crystal Gun

This gun fires metal traps/crystals that will stop when they collide with an enemy. The traps then stay there and deal damage to enemies passing them, eventually lose durability and disappear.

I thought about fork but we already had it so I think Crystal will be a good choice.

Some twist ideas: nothing yet

I.B. Mountables

  1. Energy shield
    New Perishable: Energy Shield

Some twist ideas:

  • Make this shield stackable, and increase the price.
  1. Picky eater

Mountable, Perishable

On the whole mission, the player can not collect any gift but the same gift to what weapon they have from the start. This is a double-edged sword but many players will rely on this so this should be expensive.

I.C. CIU galaxy

  1. Giant water planets

These planets feature underwater missions from previous CI games.

  1. Unique constellation characteristic

Something like these:

  • Constellation A: Armored chicken spawn ratio +10%, Yolk Star’s health -20%

  • Constellation B: All weapons’ damage -20%, all weapons overheat 30% slower, food gets from droid missions -10%.

  1. Heart of darkness

Only appear in darkness missions. The top edge can be used as a ceiling.

  1. Ice stars
  • Make everything move slower (ship, chickens, eggs, asteroid,…).

  • Introduce Ice/Frozen chickens/bosses.

  • Shorten spacecraft’s exhaust in missions.

  1. Stormy atmospheric stars

The ship can be stroke randomly by lightning. The strike can not be dodged and should be rare to happen (I think 20% each wave means 1 strike every 5 waves). The player can see the background white up briefly before a strike happen. Each strike stuns our spacecraft for about 1 second. Dimentional phase-out can help to dodge this lightning.

Another variant of lightning is the same lightning in the glacial chapter of CI5. They are rare objectiles that can occur more frequently in waves. They should not appear in “tight” waves like Pulsating Grid family, Chink in the armor, Spiral of doom, etc…

I.D. Attack formations for invasion

  1. The Last Message

There are several small chicken formations in this wave that will be randomized and the player has to point out which formation will be the last. The formations but the last will be simple and slow so that the player can dodge them. The last formation will be very quick so that if the player doesn’t prepare to dodge to that particular formation he will die (This is slower in lower difficulty). I think four is a good number for this. My current suggestion:

  • Form a chicken: the chickens fly from all edges of the screen except the bottom edge to the center and form a shape of a chicken.

  • Form an egg: the chickens fly from all edges of the screen except the top edge to the center and form a shape of an egg.

  • Form a UFO: the chickens fly from all edges of the screen except the left edge to the center and form a shape of a UFO.

  • Form a No Nugget Sign: the chickens fly from all edges of the screen except the right edge to the center and form a shape of a No Nugget Sign.

I.E. Medals:

  1. Hungry hunter medal

A medal for finishing a wave in a short time.

I.F. Breeds:

  1. Mini Crab:

A mini crab that is as small as a UFO and has a chick to control it. The craft has 2 arms. Sometimes the chick will control one arm to throw itself forward player, then the ship will fall because no one is there to control it. Otherwise, it does nothing. A mine crab should have more health than a UFO (I think 2000 health, no strongness nor weakness). Being attacked will destroy the crab and the chick inside it at once.

I.G. Bosses:

  1. Master of Powehen

A boss that can create a black hole and move through them. It can move through time and space, smash you with its massive body. Its moves are:

  • Hide: The boss creates a black hole right behind it and then go into it. Then the black hole disappears.

  • Reveal: A black hole appears randomly and the boss returns to screen a moment after. There can be two (or three) of the boss at the same time because of its ability to travel time.

  • Attack: The boss has a simple attack like shooting eggs or plasma bullets. It can also ram you randomly.

I.X. Others

  1. Restart button

This button brings the player back to the dock.

  1. Show list of what killed you

A reference list in Stats entries that count how many times you died to a particular enemy or asteroid. If you die in a boss fight the death will be counted for that boss (for example Yolk Star summons chickens which kill the player but the death would go for Yolk). Players can also compare their weakness/strongness to others.

3 Avatar

I think an avatar option for the player and squadrons is a must-have.

II. Twist ideas

II.A. CIU galaxy

II.B. Weapons

  1. Post max power

After reaching max power 20, each additional power gives our weapon 2% bonus damage. That means 120% of max damage at power level 30 and 150% of max damage at power level 40. A cap can be given for this (for example cap at 10 bonus levels). Bombers don’t get benefit from bonus powers.

  1. Unite manual fire and auto fire

Manual fire and auto fire should have the same fire rate and give the same heat per shot.

  1. Push back

Push back should base on inflicted damage on an objective. Some guns can not push feathers cause of low fire rate and little amount of objectives per shot. And Riddle can make chickens teleport.

II.C. Enemies

  1. Gatling gun chicken

Don’t rotate the gun when it is not firing.

  1. Eggshell

Eggshell can also give an atom or key.

  1. Bosses

Attack a part of a boss should also reduce the boss’s health. Auto-lock weapons can barely attack a 4 arms UCO.

II.D. Waves

  1. Visitors from another dimension

Coward chicken must not be spawn in this wave.

II.X. Others

  1. Progress bar
  • Invasion: Chickens that moved out of the screen should also be counted toward wave progression.

  • Boss fight: Change from showing progress percent to showing total health of the bosses and their minions.

  1. Information for mission
    Missions should have more information

  2. Stage transition

  • Stop timer while in stage transition.

  • Stage transition speed should be based on ship speed. So new player will have normal stage transition speed, and the speed will get faster as their ship speed improve.

  1. Dock

Allow users to insert one/two missiles instead of only three.

  1. Assigning mission

Missions can be assigned again after a certain time (like three months).


Trap could be nice as superweapon.

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