All CI games without dying(failed)


Because why not.

This is failed attempt number 1. Yay.


Why is there a “Platypus” game on thumbnail?


I’m not sure


Ah rip. Also we can’t see the stream video anymore. I think you can make it public if you want.


Nah,I’m keeping it on unlisted


Actually,never mind,I made it public. The link is in the main post.
Next attempt will likely be on saturday.


Attempt 2:


Did you win?


No. I failed. Even earlier than last time…I won’t attempt this again until a holiday,or something…


Davoid realy made a great challenge.


It’s just that I make the dumbest f***ing mistakes…I destroyed ci2 in both of my attempts…in my first try…and then in ci3,I died to the 2ND SWEATER CHICKEN. And in my second attempt,I DIED TO THE 1ST TERMINATOR WAVE. I’ve never had stuff like this happen while I’m not recording…this is quite literally the first time I died to the second sweater chicken…then again,I only did 2 attempts. I’ll definitely do a lot more when I have more free time…


Sorry Orandza, I can feel how it was losing so bad :frowning:


Will be a cheat if you restart some of the meteor storm levels? When they come from bottom and you restart it, they will change the side. This is some kind of security :thinking: I said that because they are the hardest chapter in CI3.
EDIT: The comets are overrated.


I likely won’t restart there. Idk if it would be a cheat,but i won’t do that.
Oh yeah,and I consider comets to be harder.


I think it would technically be an exploit.


Comets are not too hard when you have mines.


Look, don’t play all CI game, just play seperatly


That would defeat the point of the challange.


Yes another attempt

Edit: and of course,I failed!
Next time,I’ll be starting from ci3,because ci2 seems to be way too easy,and I’ll waste a lot less time that way


Unfair. You can die even in first chapter of CI2 because of relax. I know you don’t want to waste time but all logic of challenge is breaking in that case.