Advance warning: Galaxy housekeeping

In preparation for the next update, we’re planning on doing a little galaxy housekeeping:

  • Players who haven’t logged in during the last 4 weeks and have less than an hour of total playtime will be deleted.
  • Players who have cheated but have been allowed to keep their cheated progress (example: That is a lot of deaths) will be deleted.
  • Players who are impersonating InterAction studios will have their callsign reset.
  • Players with inappropriate, offensive, or misleading callsigns will have their callsign reset. Repeat offenders will be deleted.

You have been warned.


So “EA recruit” is safe :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Geez, talk about extreme measures.

Wdym? They’re very reasonable. You have to both not have logged in for more than 1 hour and 4 weeks ago to get deleted. Bad callsigns are only being reset, which I think should get a report feature before the game goes live. Who knows what people type in :\

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I know, feels weird that they’re doing it now.

I found multiple interaction studios fake accounts, Jeez people just want to impersonate someone else. It doesen’t feel right :wink:


When will this be?


But some player have very busy work and they doesn’t have a time to play CIU. I think it should be during 6 weeks.


This would only apply if they also have less than an hour of total playtime.

Oh sh!t, I’m trying to backup my data but it doesn’t work
(P/S: Why CIU 1 hour download?)

Seems like we are closer to the official release now

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wait, there are fake accounts that are impersonating iA?

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I saw 2 for sure, there are a lot of them.

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You got me there pal.

Sorry for the off-topic, but i cant wait to see this guys remastered back:


Isn’t master squaker the remastered version of mr big chick #345622699 (or is he #34567894322?)

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Master squawker is the new look for it.

This is not the big chicken 2342142134134. @Electronic_Arts Master doesnt launch eggs. This in the game is the remastered version of Squaker, but with lasers because of the game mode:
image (The original)
The chicken that i posted is one of the ‘‘big chickens’’. This is very interesting with fast launching the eggs. It looks that someone doesn’t know bosses from the past games.