Adding the boss from 120th anniversary to Squawk Block

Exactly what the title says. Can we add the 120th anniversary’s big chicken to the squawk block missions? At least there will be another boss, and not just Master Squawker. It can get a different look from the 120th anniversary’s version at least.

I mean, you do play 120th Anniversary like it’s squawk block after all.

In missions supernova, comet chase, asteroide belt, etc, only have a boss

I just figured I’d suggest that because they have something in common.

Master Squawker has the Anti-Heroes Academy logo
Big Chicken has the Anti-Food logo

Perhaps the big chicken can be renamed to Crazy Squawker?
(Reference: Master Hand and Crazy Hand from Super Smash Bros)


How will the Big Chicken fly around?

The whole point of the Master Squawker is that implicitly time-limits the wave (the same as all other Squawk Block waves)


Perhaps if you take more than a minute, it’ll swoop all the way down and keep following your ship like an assassin? But other than that, it’ll work just like the one in 120th anniversary.

If not… It can move just like master Squawker, just that it shoots eggs like sweater chicken, instead of lasers?

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Added to v.36

:medal_sports: Idea


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