Added power bars from previous parts of the game (+new)

I would like them to add the old power bars from the previous parts (adding the background + power bar would add a big atmosphere from the old parts) :slight_smile:

CI Cluck od the dark side

CI Ultimate Omelette

CI Revenge of the Yolk

*Edit: Or they could just be 3 types of power bars that can be repainted

(This is just a suggestion) I came up with such a small idea to add special power bars that would be available only to people with a Chicken Hunter License


the power bar would work the other way around (it loads to full and exhausts losing)

here I do not have to explain

the indicator on the right would also indicate the power meter


cosmetic changes are great, but you should think of where boosters like overdrive will appear too


I must admit that these design is great. Despite some flaws (An example, where to put the Overdrive icon), this idea can be great. Keep your work :wink:

Don’t see why not. Just one note(aside from booster icon), the CI4 and CI5 variants are identical(or they seem to be here anyways), aside from color which can be modified already. Only ci3 one is different.


Referring to the comments about the placement of “Overdrive” I will say this: it seems to me that it could be placed either at the very end on the left or put between the result and the power bar. I have no other idea

I see it is a great idea to add cosmetics to bars would be cool tbh

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UI customisation capable of making it look like in episodes has been suggested many times since one of the first releases, still I’d absolutely love to see this in-game.

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with the similarity of the power bars with CI4 and CI5 you are a right, so I added a small note that they can also be repainted

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I think the size of the text could be resized into a smaller version, then you put the overdrive ui stuff on top of the score text. Pretty simple.

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