Add Russian language to the game добавьте русский язык в игру

add to the game the Russian language Russians also want to play your game then your game will become even more popular добавьте в игру русский язык россияне тоже хотят поиграть в вашу игру тогда ваша игра станет еще популярней

Firstly, English is the most popular language. Try to learn at least a bit English to understand… well, almost all big, famous video games in the world.

Secondly, consider checking this post: Game languages, GUI, etc

@chk3332 The game will be more popular if you played?

слушай я русский и хочу русскою версию игры

Пиши на английски eзик! Write on english language.

Will add ! In CI5 added Russian language

Игра будет переведена только после того как она выйдет из стадии раннего доступа. Английский язык самый универсальный, т.к. его знает огромное колличество людей.


First letter should be “C”, not “c”
And there is important invention: commas.

We (Russians) must learn it in school.

I write it on my language. Dont need correct.

Nikito from Bulgaria. You can know some words, because his language written in cyrillic alphabet

Okay guys, chill. Only english please. I dont learned english for seeing sentences I dont understand.

Please you don’t need to understand this.It’s useless topic
And stop write Only English, You can use or

Oh, sorry then :slight_smile:

This iſn’t ſtrictly true, but it is the moſt well known in the weſt, and moſt uſed in video games and programming languages, largely due to hiſtorical reaſons.

Bu demek ki bende türkçe konuşabilirim, değil mi?

I wish iA can add Vietnamese language in the game ( But it never happens, I guess T_T)

Я бы тоже хотел русский язык, но… После раннего доступа только.

Only englis pal

English plz

Why did you put “Только” after everything? Sounds weird.