Add More Useful For Food Idea

My idea is when we travel to a star sytsem to a star system.Why don’t we add also need food to travel How about that InterAction Studios?


That’s unnecessary and it will only complicate things as you already have one thing to worry about when travelling

besides, food can be sold for keys which in turn can be used to buy fuel


It would be interesting if you could convert food into fuel. :thinking:


Frankly I would prefer it if superweapons and perishables could be bought with food. You could buy them with 7 times the number of keys required to buy them, for example, A missile costs 11 keys per piece, you could buy a missile with 77 food.

If you don’t like 7 times, you can suggest a better number, I would advise it to be lower than the cost of converting food into keys and buying them via keys.

What do you think?


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