Add a safe zone to this wave

palpatine grid is like puslator grid but without safezone marker so add sae zone marker


what skill were you using?

skills not important but there is crazy tings in elite missions (it is hard to complete some missions in elite missions)

wave zone not show up on ssh and virtuoso


Exactly as @OneWingLunarian mentions, on Superstar Hero and Virtuoso safe, danger and anomaly zones do not appear. If you want them appear, take off the skill that you were using upon starting the mission.

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I think it already have safe zone, just don’t play using Virtuoso or Superstarhero skill. (Like other say)

Palpatine Grid is very hard in elite missions he is right

It is not, just centre yourself and avoid obstacles.


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guess im an idiot again

It’s ok, you didn’t know about this

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