Adaptive colour option(s) for spacecrafts

Add a colour option in the Shield, Shininess, Exhausts, and Wing streak sections in spacecraft paint that change colour / shade depending on the acquired weapon.










I really like this, but most of the time you stick to one weapon throughout the whole mission. :confused:


Really depends,

Generally on Weekly challenges I use just about every weapon up until wave 50, then I’ll mostly only use the Utensil Porker or Neutron Gun.

On Space Races & Daily Challenges since they’re generally and not that long the only weapons I don’t really use are the Ion Blaster, Riddler, & Boron Railgun.

That’s why weapon balancing is in need.

Great idea

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Depends on whether or not you’re competing with other people.
If you are, you’ll want to stick to plasma for pecking order bonuses. For easier challenges(easy daily, sometimes intermediate and first half of the weekly challenge), that is.
For harder ones, its power isn’t enough, so you’ll have to use utensil. So yeah, it pretty much is just one weapon throughout the entire mission.
Space race also pretty much requires utensil.
If you’re not competing with other people, then it really doesn’t matter as much.

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For me at least, any high damage per shot weapon such as the Neutron Gun, Laser Cannon, Utensil Porker, etc. gets me easy pecking order bonuses even on maximum difficulty + SSH, on easier missions like the first 20 levels of Space Race and half of Weekly Challenges, weapons such as the Photon Swarm also grant me them as well.

Regardless, I’m not suggesting this should be a permanent option but merely an optional one, personally I don’t care to play competitively as multiplayer doesn’t exist yet & rewards are lack luster.

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