Active player looking for a squadroom

Hey all !

Active player looking for a squadroom

IGN BDChampion

Squadron. NOT Squadroom.

Is your squadron a famous one?

You can join my squadron called “GuestSquad” (I will send the invitation to you later). Not a really active one and not aiming to get top 10 squadrons, but just so you have one (you can be a member of many different squadrons as you wish).

Join! “SonicCrazyExe’s Squadron”

Pd: I need upgrade my squadron, i will send a request more soon



Inv me.

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Invite me.

because I wrote Squadroom ? Jesus I’m so sorry that I don’t spend 10 hours killing chickens every day


Do you have discord?

Yea I have

Also I forgot to mention that in this server, we discuss about some missions and give tips and etc…

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