Achievements for the game

Can CIU have achievements in the game? If yes then here are my suggestions:

Foodie: Collect a specified amount of food in your career. Reward: some keys

Scrooge McCluck: Collect a specified amount of keys in your entire career. Reward: optional.

Cluckshot: Kill a boss chicken by shooting it in the head. Reward: Optional.

Ship Collector: Buy 5 ships.

Empire: Buy 15 ships.
Dinner Party: Achieve over 2000 food in a single mission.

Rampage: Recieve over 200M points in a single mission.

Decked Out: Buy and upgrade all weapons.

Arsenal: Destroy 1000 Alien Containers.

Savior: Kill 1B (or 500M) chickens in your career

That’s all I have, suggestions are welcome.



Nice, yes

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Just amazing, an achievement that will forever remain unobtainable for those who don’t join during early access.


Oh that’s a problem.:skull:

Just disclude that one?

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I guess it’s not big enough of a problem for him to remove it.

I don’t think this medal will stay after the end of that, will it?

It will.

To be fair, all 3 of those tier medals could be excluded from the earn all medals achievement.

  • EA is the easiest to explain because you can join after EA ended.
  • Idea medal could be unachievable if IA decides to switch CIU into maintenance mode, don’t accept any idea suggestions ever and only focus on bugfixes.
  • And even bug medal could be impossible if you’re not actively hunting for a bug or IA decides to abandon the game totally (though if that happens then RIP to other medals since CIU is online only and requires constant maintenance and payment)

For me bigger obstacle is the one that requires you to win the league? Or anything competitive.

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That sounds good but we have quests

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