Accumulator should be fully charged immediately after killing the boss

Yea that’s my opinion, no description here.




That would unbalance the booster.

Not sure how it makes accumulator unbalanced. If overdrive has enough time to cool down after killing a boss, there’s no reason for accumulator not to charge. Besides, the only thing it does is making the fight quicker. There are too few enemies to charge it up in regular circumstances.


this was suggested a while ago but denied


You have a point.

wouldn’t make the accumulator unbalanced

Would make the Accumulator better.

How that would unbalance the booster?

Getting recharged after defeating a boss. What’s wrong with that?, You also charge the booster immediately if you made a killing spree.

Alright, I get it.

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More idea: after finishing a stage, the spacecraft will dash through space for few seconds. Accumulator still recharges during this period. When pro-gamer mode is turned on, this period is shortened. As a result, accumulator will charge less than it is when pro-gamer mode is off. IA should do something to fix it

assolutamente NO. questo bilancerebbe troppo l’accumulatore, non ha senso uccidere il "
boss" è dopo si ricarica al pieno

English, please.

“Absolutely not. this would balance the accumulator too much, there is no point in killing the "
boss” is after it recharges to full"

No? Pro-gamer mode is only shortening effect durations, not the game mechanic

But, yes! You can try it yourself. Drain all your “accumulator” after finishing the last wave then see the differences between both scenarios: pro-gamer is off and on.


What do you mean, ‘‘Bruh’’?

It maybe okey if IA don’t want to do it
But it will not unbalance the game :roll_eyes: in normal mission you get brick point , in boss rush take half way to fill till the next boss come so fill it make less change , it make diffrent in duel mission … Well their monay beat the game so yeah you just want to laugh at other ideas :smiling_face_with_tear: