Account level (but different than usual)

I’d like to share some of my thoughts and additions regarding the CIU account level.
I would not like to suggest and refer to many requests or suggestions regarding increasing the level counter from the current MAX 99lvl to some hundredth level of the account.
I would like to present here an idea that would allow you to raise the level of your account, but theoretically it will not exceed “lvl 100”

When you reach lvl 99. and you will reach max. the amount of experience you collect, your rank will drop to lvl 1. but you will receive a star for it.
(or a stairs near the account level)
It will show next to your stats with your account level
as well as task ranks.
Maximum number of stars to obtain is 3 (or 5)
I had another idea. The idea was that the colors of the stars would differ from the amount of their possession, e.g. for having 3 stars, they would be golden, or that instead of stars, there would be separate banners, like in task ranks, although it seems to me that stars would be enough.
(I know that the idea will probably not pass, but getting to lvl 99 does not require too much effort and I was hoping for some small increase here)


will you get some keys as a rewards?

yes, just with a bit more value than usual

Good idea but its very easy to get 99 level

It totally won’t take you 2 months to do so…


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