Absolver Beam buff

The Absolver Beam is the new weapon in CIU, and i think it overheat too fast. So @InterAction_studios , can you increases the damage or decreases the overheat rate for the Absolver Beam???

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Already Suggested.

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Already suggested.

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Me: Whut??? Let’s delete the post.
Me: Sledgehammer flies into my PC

To be continue…


You can buff the damage of the absolver beam by using a damage amplifier and extend the heat bar longer by using a better heat sink or upgrade your current heat sink

It overheats quickly with the best heat sink. I used it. I don’t even want to imagine what it’s like with the starting one.
And damage amplifiers are temporary…while the weapon sucks for the majority of the missions. And damage isn’t really the only issue, anyways.


Oh, i’m USING the starting heat sink with full upgrades. You can shoot only 2 fully charged Absolver Beam and you have 10+ overheat moments in a mission.

I can shoot 3, I guess

Same, I use starting heat sink

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