Absoluets and Fleets

So i just compared with a dude and look at these

there are starships

my rankings and absoluets are way better than he (excluding the date of joined uhf) but he got wayy more starships than me. did he purchased keys or what? how?

For one, that person has chl, so they can afford the most expensive ship of each family more easily(they cost double the price if you have no chl).
And perhaps you used a lot of keys on stuff like superweapons and such. Also extra lives.
Another thing that comes to mind is shady dealers which you can occasionally find selling stuff for half the price. Maybe they found tons of them. Tho it’s unlikely when looking at their exploration %.
I should also mention that I think the keys collected stat depends only on how many keys you collected during the mission, not the actual amount you got at the end of it, and not from stuff like selling food, either. If this person played missions with different key multipliers, it’s possible they actually got more keys than you, despite what the stats would suggest.
But yes, purchasing keys is also very much possible. So… Who knows?


but man he only won 170 fricking missions

Then again he’s been here for 8 months longer.

Oh nevermind. He did buy keys.
Take a look at the “keys collected” part.

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he collected 3.079 and i collected more than he.

And we told you the possible reasons why they have more ships.
Yes, they likely purchased keys.

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