About Weapon Levels

Since CIU is an MMO game, I’m thinking our weaponry are too weak to combat against henpire expansion in the galaxies. And so my idea of this is that each weapon will have an exp bar on them. Every weapons will have a maximum level of 10 (or x level depends on IA. Also not atomic powerups, this is different) and the weapons will have a 2 skill, 1 passive and 1 activatable by pressing space. To gain exp, you must use and only use that weapon on a mission, the longer the mission is, the more exp the weapon gets. Weapons leveled up will gain additional x% damage depends on what IA thinks or what I believed to be balanced alongside with skill perks improved as well. Once it’s reach lv 10 (or x level), you can spent 1000 keys to mastery it. Mastery weapons will deal 1.2x damage and as well their passive ability will get greater improved so long you are only using that weapon. Changing weapons on the hub and in-game will switch to their exp and it will not share among weapons. I’ll explain some of the skill set I’ve thinking of every weapons during my next post but for now, I let you guys to think about it.

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101 ways to destroy competitive missions


Comp never existed
-A chicken

??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Would you stop making random ideas?

Why not exactly?

Why stop? This is the place where I post my crazy ideas, everyone have their will to do so and you don’t have rights to tell me to stop.


Said the one who begs for the CHL


Hah that’s funny

Not even joking

No we’re serious, you should stop surpressing people’s ideas and thought like a goddamn dictatorship. We all know we make ideas for fun, some might got into real gameplay, but it’s the SUGGESTIONS to ensure that CIU is not like a bland dead game with lack of gameplays. Ok?

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Not you when S.C said the one who begs for CHL

He can do what ever he want, DeMouse please ignore this kid.

You are not the one to control people’s decision of what to do. And says you also keeps begging for CHL.

@DeMouSe I am not asking you to stop making ideas. But it would be nice if you didn’t keep posting them very quickly, just make a period of time between posting an idea. So you don’t flood this forum.


Rather, for his own good and the good of everyone else, he should think his ideas through more carefully rather than dishing out as many as possible. Having a lot of ideas isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when all of them have low effort put into them, it’s both an issue for us(lots of low effort posts) and for him(idea just ends up getting denied and low popularity every time).


Tbh, the reason I came back from this community is the idea tag, since the off-topic post has isekai’d from here, I would like to express some of my thoughts on how this game can improved. Sure, you say it will gain low popularity and will get rejected, I understand this, it’s just that I am still seeing CIU is still an unfinished game and it’s need like more ideas to make it good rather than just postpone the development. 3 years absent from this community, is the 3 years I have never seen the improvement of the game and I love people with different thoughts and they all have the same being rejected and low popularity, but still, it’s fun and somewhat RNG. If you’re lucky with your ideas, it will get added into the game. Fairly simple tbh.

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