About the new weapon bullet spawn points

To be honest, I really don’t like them.
Most of those changes amount to “everything that was fired from the front weapon pods is now fired from the rear weapon pods”.

So let’s begin:
Vulcan Chaingun, Boron Railgun and Moron Railgun are, well…

The projectiles for some reason spawn to the sides of the rear weapon pods.
This also applies to the H&C X01 (though that at least matches up with the wings):

In fact, a lot of those patterns look like they were made for the H&C X01 and don’t fit the M40X at all (which may be a bug, I am not sure).

Those two patterns appear to be exactly the same and they don’t fit the M40X’s weapon pod setup.
The one thing that looks slightly different is the Ion Blaster pattern:

But it still seems like a completely unnecessary change for the M40X.

I didn’t test out all weapons on the H&C X01, but none of the changes made for the M40X make much sense imo (especially since the Deliverer is the ship for which all the weapons were originally designed).


Perhaps the description was misleading: Bullets do not necessarily come out of visual “pods” (some bullet patterns require a lot more bullets than pods exist anyway).

Instead, each spacecraft has 9 places where bullets can possibly appear from: dead center, and near/mid/far/outside on left & right wing.

Each weapon will select some of those places to create its desired bullet pattern. Example : For 3 bullets, a weapon that needs to create a tight pattern may choose the center one and the near pair, but a weapon that wants a more loose pattern may choose the center one and the far pair (this is the case for the Moron in your screenshot). In both cases there are 3 bullets – they just appear from different places on the spacecraft.

For reference, here are the 9 places for the M40X family:


The differences are very subtle now, but will be made more apparent when wide-bodied spacecraft are introduced.


Yes, I’m aware of this. But it still doesn’t look right to me.

In my opinion the spawn points used should match the weapon pods (the center, near and mid) unless the number of bullets fired exceeds the number of weapon pods (in which case the far and outside spawns could also be used). Which is basically how most of the weapons worked before this update.

Changes made to Vulcan/Boron/Moron don’t do much apart from making the weapons look weird.


That’s the most accurate, HD shot of the Academy Fighter I’ve seen in years!

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That was one of the best features we got, because now all spacecrafts will have unique weapon patterns, and not be always the same, also you could add more reason to buy new ones because I can just buy forks with the first spacecraft and be OP right from the start, maybe make it so weaker spacecrafts don’t support all the features and items from the shop?

Wait, is that gonna be the new vehicle sprite? It looks different… and awesome.
All it needs is a set of tank tips.

I decided to take a little bit closer look at this, and I think I noticed something.
It would seem like some bullets don’t actually use the correct spawn. Or to be specific:
In some cases, instead of using their proper spawn, the bullets will use the spawn directly to the outside of the proper one.

In the case of Vulcan/Boron/Moron the bullets appear from the far pair, instead of the mid pair.

Lightning Fryer - the bolts are generated from the mid pair instead of the near pair.

Same thing with Laser Cannon, Ion Blaster, Utensil Poker.
All of those weapons seem to share this characteristic of the bullets’ origin being offset by one spawn point.

Not sure if that’s intended, but if it’s not then here you go.

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