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  • Just a minor thing: You can see at the picture, the notification number and food number kind of out of place a little bit (Guess i was wrong in not trading food and not reading all notification lol). You can look into that, thanks.

How could you get so many mails ?

For exploring the galaxy alot.

You do it because you are going to check about misson information, right?

Well… yes.

103k food gg. I sell them when reaches 20k… For 100 keys… What a waste


Yeah. In CIU food is really useless.

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Yeah, I think this ſhould be changed.

@Interaction_studios I may suggest that the player could sell a certain amounted of food. Example, 1000 units at a time and not all of them at once.

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No thats a terible idea! The space burgers are not in every star system


@InterAction_studios How about pop-up counter of keys, food etc near cursor when they are like 1.1K to see exactly amount?