About our translate problem

Dear @InterAction_studios developed team
When we were translating, we saw some trollers and troublemakers interupted our translate version. Specifically, they translated our version without our leader’s permission. We have a solution with 3 main ideas, maybe it will be useful for you. Please, can you (IA) spend 3 minutes to read all these ideas to have a solution for this crazy problems ?

  • 1 : Each person, after choosing their language, will be allowed to translate 1 version for them only, others can’t, and MUSTN’T interfere.
  • 2 : But if a team want to translate 1 version for all of them, the owner of translate version can invite others to co-op translating, if the invition is allowed, a translating team will be created.
  • 3 : After completing the translating version, the owner (or the leader of the team) can upload their translating version, and their will be a competition to rank each translating version.

That’s all, i hope you enjoy and find a solution based in these ideas.Thanks for recruit LordHerobrine, he gave us those ideas.Have a nice day !

    The Vietnam Translate Team

The only effective way to prevent trolling and vandalism is translation job only given to certain people


Translation process used to be free and public, accessible for anyone. The general idea of the leader is a big fail because in particular circumstances the leader can make grammar mistakes and think he’s right while not approving the right one. The point of community translation gets lost.

This is how it works already. The only way you can see someone else’s translation is if you haven’t translated that particular phrase yourself (there was a bug about this that was fixed last night in v72.2. If you’re reporting this problem using earlier observations, please check again).

Given enough time (and enough interest from the community to correct problems), I think that most valid translation will prevail. 2-3 days is not enough time, I’m thinking more along the lines of 3-4 weeks.

The more people validate an existing translation (by reverting changes to it), the more difficult it becomes for someone to vandalize (because their vandalization will never become visible to new players)


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