About Mass

I need someone to clarify this : “Is mass stat is just cosmetic stats, or it is affecting the gameplay?”

Because when I played using Müller 408 and carrying 3 satelite but with the worst reactor and engine, i felt my mouse sensitivity is noticably decreased. I can’t tell this is true or not because my mouse also (you know) not that good. (I think it’s already broke many times)

But when I switched back using 101 hatchling with same engine and reactor without any satelite too, I can move that ship from corner to corner before blink of eyes.

So someone please help! Is it just my mouse not working well or is it really affecting the gameplay?

The mass uſed to effect gameplay, but that was ſo unpopular that it was removed in v. 2.0 if I recall correctly.

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Mass used to dictate mission speed, but now it has been removed. It was very noticable, and your mouse would mostly be before the spaceship, kind of like luring it. You had a big colorful circle to indicate your mouse position.

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