About Eggular Repulsor's Price

Eggular Repulsor, the item that reduces the size of the ship’s hitbox. It reduces your ship’s hitbox by 50% if 3 of them are stacked together. But there is one issue:
We know that it’s really expensive (126 keys per unit, 97 at cheapest).

I suggest reducing the price to a more affordable one, because not a lot of people would want to buy a perishable that costs 378 keys in total… Perhaps roughly 50 keys per unit would be better?

Though to be honest, the same thing can be said for some of the other perishables.


I agree with you, the Eggular Repulsors are too expensive to be used in any mission save for maybe the weekly challenge and the Anniversary mission. I also agree with your last remark on the prices of other perishables. For example, the Maneuvering jets cost 20 per piece and yet the speed increase is only marginal at best. It costs 200 keys to get your bomber at max speed, like the eggular repulsors, they’re slightly viable only in the weekly and Anniversary missions due to their price.

I would also appreciate it if the perishables gave you an exact percentage of their effect, eg: 16.67% hitbox size decrease, so that the community can help balance the perishables.

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Well, that’s kind of a bad example. They’re required in pretty much every challenge. What about space race, where you have to be quick, or even daily challenges if you want to…well, even survive? The problem is the cost, not how viable they are. Or, well, not just the cost but also the fact you’ll have to use them every single time you play with the slower bombers, unless you instead want to spend keys on lives

If you surrender, you lose them anyway. That’s why I feel like the price nerf is needed.

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