About early access

So just for my chicken brain to understand … aproximately when can we see a closed beta by any chance? Thanks in advance

From what I underſtand, approximately when it’s ready for us.

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Maybe at the end of october

I sure hope so xD cause i am soo up for it ha ha

I think it will most likely be mid-November :thinking:

Closed beta will never get released for CIU. Sorry to tell you that…but if you were talking about the early access stage…It will be released before the full game gets released. Hopefully that helps

Well some people think that, the beta and early acess are the same things.

I don’t think we’re gonna see anything chicken invaders related for some time

Well i understand that the early access stage will release before the full game releases… but more likely of WHEN was the question. :slight_smile: would be nice to know hehe

I was just joking,because IA said that we won’t know until it’s done

ooh i didn’t realise lol :smiley:

guys be patient, the more we wait more things get added to the game, so waiting=more cool things

IT’S COMING!!! can you feel the energy :alien::alien::skull:


and if is not coming it means that the chicken will conquer us sooner or later :grinning::sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy::joy:
all of the battles from former episodes that all of us chicken invaders terminators will be forgotten and the chickens will win tha WAR and the UNIVERSE and all the humanity will RIP :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

Do you think that we will deal with time travelling in ciu or the game after it :thinking::thinking::thinking:

It’s not the content that I mind, it’s that blaſted comma in the middle of a ſubordinate clause. Seriöuſly.

Nevermind forget what i said.

That’s a cool idea. How would you prepoſe getting it to work? If you travel back in time are you in two places at once, or are you changing the paſt? What about loſt lives in between?

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Can do!
It juſt annoys me that people ſpend leſs and leſs time proofreading what they wrote before publiſhing it. I ſuppoſe that’s one of the problems with free communication, or rather communication whose price (never uſſume that ſomething is free) is pretty much independant of how many times you edit ſomething and how much you write. Oh, well.