About Chicken invaders

As I am new here. I wanna get some information about:

  1. How do I chat with people in game ?
  2. What is accounts feature and how does it work ?
  3. How to speed up the spaceship motion?

Thank you ! For letting me know


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You can look for them here, since the forum has the option to send a private message but you dont have this option in the game. You can only add friends on CIU

As far as I understand they would help save the progress, but for now I think it does not work

if it is on the map, the travel speed depends on the improvements you put. In gameplay it depends on the model of the ship you choose to play (since there are some that are heavier) and also on the environment where you are (if you are near a sun or a black hole you will be heavier due to gravity)

I hope you have understood and that it is useful to you


CIU Doesn’t have the chat feature and that is why other ci games where you can chat other people in-game except 1 and 2 doesn’t

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Bruh it works. If it doesnt then why isnt ia restoring every acc manually


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