Ability to kill chicken with the ship flame

It’s will be cooler if you can roast chicken underneath your ship with the ship flame because it can be as hot as the projectiles, right?


It’ll also be cool if gatling chicks could kill you even if you touched the tip of their barrels

or better: enemy shockwaves can also kill you

or even better: the entire comet including it’s tail kills you


I only mean for player spaceship, not the enemies

I know

But in all seriousness, that would be really weird. I mean, sure, it works, but it would just be really odd to see the player just stand up there and burn guys with an exhaust.


Because the flame is small so i don’t think not much people does that, and it mean to be use emergency situation only, like in the yolk star boss

Well uh, this thing exists.


Oh i never notice that, but projectiles still a better way for attacking enemies

You could probably make it deal less damage for covering mroe area

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