A way to indicate that you were a beta tester


My idea is to have something in your account that shows that you were a beta tester(once the full game comes out).
something like a small badge near your name,or a special ship, or a special skin could work.

leave your ideas in the comments.


Anything more than a badge would be bad.


Skin is not bad idea, it already works fine in another game, but it shouldn’t give bonuses that differ gameplay.


when I think of that now, it makes sense


I thought that it was obvious…


Alternatively, everyöne could juſt be happy in the knowledge of having helped out, without the need to ſhow off ſome “I’m awſome!” badge or have ſome ſpecial advantage in the game over thoſe who didn’t. I think early access is reward enough for moſt of us, and for thoſe few brilliant minds that come up with ſomething that ends up in the final product, juſt a mention deep in the credits ſeems like plenty; after all, the point of having the credits is to ſay “theſe people helped out and I’m grateful”.
The risk in doïng a badge or ſpecial ſpace craft is that a ſort of ſocial hierarchy (or pecking order, if you’ll excuſe the pun) will form, the upper claſſes being formed of thoſe with ſpecial privileges unattainable for moſt players. As far as I’m aware, this is not one of the goals in the game, and in as I ſee it, we’re all chicken hunters together, whether beta teſters of all the games, or ſome random perſon who prefers running into chickens to ſhooting them.
I think that at the very moſt, it ſhould only be viſible to people looking at the awards you’ve obtained, and ſhould be a ſmall thing in the corner. But even this ſeems a bit much. Anything in the gameplay could cauſe greater iſſues, as well as giving us too much credit.


yup I do agree Traveller :D, maybe a badge would be not too much, or maybe something not linked to the user account, like a name in the credits? but I’m not sure.

Also, why do you type certain words weirdly? like you type S as ſ, it’s a bit weird :stuck_out_tongue:


because I see S as ſ
(like in the post above you)


Badge and name on the credits is enough


the skin and the ship were a way to say that there are many possibilities, although now that I think of it, it was a very bad way to say that…oh well…


I recorded the full Beta theme of Episode 5.


He’s using the long s. Idk why, it’s not used anymore (according to wikipedia it was abandoned in the 19th century).

Regarding the badge thing: In ShellShock Live prestige levels (81-100) are denoted by gold numbers. So maybe some sort of color change or other visual change to the user’s name? (Just an idea, not sure if a good one by any means. The badge is prolly a better idea tbh.)


about the letter problem, it just shows me the letter. idk how and why, but it just happens to me, i guess -_-


about your idea: I think the idea is great


I ſtill think it ſhouldn’t be obvious to all who the guinea pigs were, unleſs of courſe you can tell from our amazing play! Anyway, I think this is for InterAction Studios to decide.

About why I uſe the long ſ, it’s for no reaſon in particular. Although I do wiſh it hadn’t been largely abandoned.


most chances are that they won’t pick my idea anyway…


And I’m glad that it was abandoned. It makes the sentences more confusing


So, I’ve juſt been rereading a few of the older poſts, and in the Plan Update #02 InterAction Studios ſays, in part,

Which I think pretty much ſettles it, eſpecially as he hasn’t commented. But I think the if clauſe is important to remember.


Yeah, I agree with you.
I don’t know how I missed that detail…


Well, time to brainstorm more ideas :slight_smile: