A Temporary Change For The Time Being [remove lengthy waves]

I do understand

We stopped

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I think that it would be beſt if quick & eaſy to execute if there were a ſetting which skipped waves (“this wave cloſed for maintenance”) which on average take a longer time to complete. The length of miſſion for the number of waves flown and ſo on would not count skipped waves, and having the ſetting turned on would diſqualify you from all competitions, as well as the “moſt waves flown” awards. Alternatively, it could come back as a cheat, although ſince the game is planned not to have them, it doeſn’t really make ſenſe to make this exception.

This may or may not be the caſe, but regardleſs it ſhould be in another thread. I look forward to arguing about diſcuſſing it there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Never has there been a better excuse to bring this back tbh - it’s actually for maintenance. :joy:

I thought waves themselves are offline, the check is only happens at the start of a new wave.

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I’ve temporarily increased the disconnection timeout from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

Note, however, that this means that you can now lose up to 60 seconds of progress when you’re disconnected.

:medal_sports: Idea (sort of)


As in it’s an ideä, if not a particularly good one. :wink:

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