A suggestion & discussion about greying out "Gift to a friend" button after being gifted CHL

@InterAction_studios Why don’t you grey out the “Gift to a friend” button after being gifted CHL by another people in Contacts and keep the “Chicken Hunter License” purchase button not greyed out unless you purchase it by yourself in order to provide a fair and more respectful for other non-CHL players?

Hope everyone can know this new suggestion


why cant you gift back when you get gifted??? nonsense idea 0/10

fun fact: key gifts exist, imagine not being able to gift people keys because you own a license

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But I think it may make disrectful for certain non-CHL players because I don’t have money to buy CHL by myself, don’t I?

Whenever you gift CHL you pay for it just like you’d buy it for yourself. Doesn’t look disrespectful to me.


nevermind, i completely lose track of what your idea is supposed to be

best idea ever


Dude, you missed the whole point of having the button to gift CHL to a friend
Plus, why would anyone want to remove their option of gifting others a gift?
Next time, think carefully about the implications, OK?

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If you don’t need CHL gift a to friend sent me Jenny’s[AR]

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Gifting CHL is so you buy a license for a friend to use. That has absolutely nothing to do with being able to buy licenses at all. You can have a friend to give you a license, and after some time you may want to do the same for another friend.

How is any of this disrespectful, if may I ask?

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Why would you assign a friend’s side to give you a license?

I was worng that :disappointed: there’s my friends have license and I not have license

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So how can you gift the CHL to other contacts

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You don’t. In case I wasn’t clear enough with my wording, let me rephrase:

You have 2 friends who play CUI. Friend A gifts you a license because it’s your birthday and he knows you enjoy the game. Friend B’s birthday comes two months later, and you decide to do the same that Friend A did, so you gift Friend B a license.

Lets restrain of speaking like this though. Maybe this guy is very young and also doesn’t understand English language well so he can’t really say what he wants to. Lets keep polite.


yes !

How do you say I’m young😠 and you say I don’t speak English😡 I don’t need you to learn your goddamn politeness that you’re an inappropriate person🤬

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Cool down bro. I think the guys rata mention is @MinhDuc2k5

Come on @Pinkpiter They’re not great :unamused: at what this says please I can’t stand it now :frowning: some say I don’t speak English :angry: and also don’t want to give an explanation anyone has anything to do with the license :worried:

Ok calm down now