A story about chicken invaders don't have in CIU

-Greetings, I want to talk about this game.
-I already played chicken invaders series like CI3, CI4, CI5, I (don’t) know that when people playing, they always skipping the short video for what happened in chicken invaders series, I just thinking the game have own story.
-CIU is just like mixed between CI3, CI4, CI5 and some new update but it don’t have like them.
-I understand that CIU won’t have them for what reason or it waste of time or it can’t added.
-The question I asked is:
“Why CIU don’t have own story?”
“Will @InterAction_studios added a story mode into CIU?”
“Will we have a CI6 or CI7?”
“Is it very hard to added them into CIU?”

I want post this to talking about my feeling, so that’s all.
(it isn’t a good post in giving solution, I just post for fun, sorry)

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it’s not meant to have a story mode as it’s not an episode


it’s a spin-off

nope but not sure if it’s a no. Still, I would love to see campaign mode here




Not necessary


Of course yes. Why not?

Yes. Even IA is only one person is more harder to be added.

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I understand, all chicken invaders series will have own story except CIU, it’s really quite confusing for myself to post this.

Because Universe will be the game that can keep good prices for IA and he wont need to bother releasing other CI games.

Well. CIU. I can just end it right here, but the reason another CI game won’t be possible is due to how more complex and modernized CIU is compared to the older games. I mean, an MMO? that’s ambitious.
IA would need to make a game even BETTER than CIU at that. Perhaps a free DLC for CI5 could work, where the final battle with the Henperor could take place and end the story for good. But eh, complications, complications. I personally think CI should’ve ended it’s episode numbering before CIU.
But due to the saying above, I personally believe that we won’t get another CI game after this one. And IA will stick to CIU and keep updating and expanding the game as a whole with new content.


Spin-offs tho. Why end the story for good? It has massive potential, besides it’s a massive part of the appeal in the franchise, I personally would want some continuation. There are quite a bit of loose ends to tie up, methinks.

Disagree. Define “better” here. Gameplaywise, I think the gameplay is solidified enough for further development to feel unnecessarily complicated. Besides, a short 5-hour game with a good story, is definitely much better than a narrative lacking soulless grindy mmo.

Expanding CIU and expanding the world of CI don’t cancel each other out, imo. Besides, the attention that CIU gets on Steam will most definitely rebound back onto the episodes, and a lobby, however small, for CI6 to release, will be present. Whether iA chooses to make CI6 or take the path of the company hosting his games with regard to their own though, is entirely up in the air.

that’s just what spinoffs are

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