A rare coincidence

A rare case of an Inferno AND Electric planet.


Its normal not rare.


I like this combiation
Is pure perfection

Activate Windows
Go to Setting to activate Windows

And yes, electric and inferno planet not so rare.


Owo, and there’s a player names Omega Saturn on the planet at the same time

But what about an electric Star?

Rare combination it’s 2 Sun

Nah, it’s easy to find double-sun system.

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But its not very easy to find 2 red dwarfs(stars) at once.

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Find a place with all “shops” = Hero Wave, Space Burger, Aftermarket Station, Heroware, Fortune Teller, Gus’s Gas and Heroes Academy. I know only one place but without Aftermarket Station and Heroes Academy


Ok, THIS is rare.

The most rare thing in the galaxy is very cool, there is a player that have name: Mr.B.C(Big Chicken)#214748363. He is in top 10 on daily challenges!

It is looking familia. But it is very cool.

@Sammarald undercover?

Well, he cant have 2 nicknames in the daily top 10, so i think not.

If someone could find a triple-sun system here?

There’s only double star systems.

One could dream that this will be added by IA :sweat_smile::

I was finded all shops in one planet

I found very small and useless* star system
*Only planets and Sun, without shops