A question for Vietnamese players

i’ve been playing this game for 2 months now,and i realized that there are more and more Vietnamese people are currently playing this game
So this question is for the Vietnamese people on this forum,how did you guys find this game and how long have you played it?


So I’m Vietnamese. I was find this game because YouTube recommended me the video “Chicken Invaders Universe Teaser #1” by IA and I waited 2 month to this game open Early Access to play

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I’m Vietnamese. I found this game on Wikipedia.

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CI1 and CI2 is childhood of most Kids in Vietnam :vvvv It become legendary

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At that time about 2006-2010. CI and Feeding Frenzy is super Popular.

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Nah CI3 is my childhood

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Is that so?

yeah my uncle used to play CI2 on his laptop,i saw him defeated the Mother Hen Ship and then finally loved this game like crazy

yeah,the first Vietnamese player i saw on the leaderboard was “ngoinhado”

So back in the day I was a fan of Feeding Frenzy(“big fish eats small fish”), and my uncle have a copy of it in his computer(I’m sure he cracked that lol). I really love the game so I asked him to transfer the game to my parent’s computer and somehow in the files he transferred there was Chicken Invaders 2. That’s how I got to the game

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In very long time, I was at 7, I and my brother play together with old potato computer. In one day, my brother introduced me Chicken Invaders 3. I played it free at 60 min by Bigfish. So in that time, I was losted everything on that game and I didn’t remembered the name of it. At last, I was founded it again when I’m 10 and I became the fan of CI

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at least u didn’t copy the game’s icon like other people lol


I’m also a Vietnamese. I’ve known the franchise since Chicken Invaders 2 The Next Wave. When I was a kid, I went to a net shop/internet cafe near my house and just watched other kids play CI2 'cause I didn’t have a computer powerful enough to play it.

OK i’m found this in BCMedia Youtube channel and i have played CIU for 107 days

ah freak, here we go again…


CI3 on my PC

I’m also Vietnamese. I actually plays CI3 randomly when I was like 6, and it literally make me like playing that game from 1-3 hours. After graduating elementary school, I was a very big fan of it. I’ve played CI (CI3 to CI5)for 7 years and I have to say, this game is very good and I hope that the series of this game will keep going and never end.

Hi neighbors, I’m from Indonesia and somehow I knew CI3 from my cousin.

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