A problem with orbiting speed and spaceship's max speed

In this video, I use orbit droid level 8, and I don’t have any warp drive and warp boost.
By watching the video, you are supposed to see that the spaceship’s speed during orbiting is higher than the spaceship’s speed when moving from a planet to another one.
It will be my great honor if @InterAction_studios takes my post into consideration, as well as readjusts the spaceship’s speed during orbiting and travelling among planets.

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just get warp boost and warp drive -_-


Orbit droid is to get in planets faster, the other boosts are for traveling speed


Orbit Droid increases the speed of you entering orbit.

Warp Drive increases your maximum speed when travelling from one place to another.

Warp Boost reduces acceleration time. (makes you reach max speed faster)


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