A new section!

Hey guys i have a new idea for a new section called “Events”.

This section will contain alot of events, every event will contain a pack of missions with a little story.

I’m still writing the events, you can write your event idea (if you have) or just wait until i finish writing all the idea + it’ll contain some images i made (I made them using my phone lol)… And I don’t have the images i need from the game so i can edit them bcz i don’t have a pc to get them from the game by myself so if u have the assets please send me a download link, you’ll help me alot! Instead of downloading them from the wiki lol…

To be continue! :wink:

That sounds like a lot of work for little gain, when we already have multiplayer and certain MP games hosted by IA or major members here. Plus other stuff a lot of people don’t touch like tournaments, contests, challenges (okay, maybe a lot of people touch them, but I rarely hear about them).

Also, do you respond to the name “Beluga” by chance? Because I know a guy named Beluga who ends off his posts on discord the exact way you do with a wink emoji and exclamation mark. Wondering if it’s you.

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people like using wink emojis that doesnt mean they like beluga or smth like that like me anyways lets stop off-topic

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No. -_-

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