A new "insight" item idea

I was thinking, an insight called “Stations insight” that shows stations in every system. To balance it, it has to show them only one system away from you, and not the ones on the system behind the systems surrounding you.

I think what this can make the game more easy :no_mouth:

Edit:if you go in the info, can view Fortne teller orbSpace Burger This show the location in system what you visited


If it gave you fuel yes. As i said, it has a lower range, also im that enrico pucci guy lol.

that’s rather unnecessary, since you can see the shops/other areas in the systems you explored with the information overlay


Very well then. Time to remove the thread

But this with this you can see systems you haven’t explored.

Is it that hard to explore the system first? The cost from maybe visiting an extra planet (in fuel) would probably be less than whatever the insight costs.

(I am not opposed to the idea of more insights in general though - especially in-flight ones like the wave predictor one)

Well yes thanks for running my brain cogs now it makes sense hiw stupid my idea was.

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