A new Enemy Idea : Steel Egg

It’s just Mysterious Ship but same size compared to Chickenauts
Here’s the Image :


Health :
Points :
15.000 Pts

Rewards : 10 Coins(5 big coins & 5 small coins),and also it has 75% chance to drop Firepower

It has 2 Attacks :

  1. 4 way Lasers
    Metal Egg will emit a warning for 2 seconds before Firing 4 way Lasers
  2. 4 way diagonal Lasers
    Same as first attack but 4 way Lasers diagonal

What do you think of My Idea ?



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good, but will it fly around like the original one? also will there be multiple because that would be pretty annoying

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No,they’re not very much just like Gatling chick and Laser chick

Then make it the size of chickenaut

Ok,now I already edit it

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