A new beginning

Its been a long time i left this forum, just because i forgot my password :sweat:.
Now i will restart everything, made a new beginning.
For anyone who remember me, plz reply this topic.

Seen you before, so yes.

Except I’m now known as One-Winged Lunarian.

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Its been a long time im not met you

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That’s sad.

oh wow

I thought you’ve seen me before. I know I’ve seen you before though.

Is there any new feature in game?

Since when? give me a date.

Not so much new but a lot more of useful fixes and little features.

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Maybe v29

Nothing much too new then. You just missed the christmas theme.

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It’s been a while dude, welcome back to the forum! Care to hop into the discord?

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I remember you


Welcome back.

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