A Map of all Stars in The Galaxy

Yet another map. This took me a LOT more time and effort, as this one is far more detailed than any other - it shows the galaxy as zoomed in thrice so all Star names are visible!

Again, the image you see here contains no Wormhole locations - if you want to see them, check the image linked at the bottom of this post. And, as usual, I added an “early access” watermark at the top.

As Discourse downsamples large images, and doesn’t display any over 4mb, the one you see here is only half the original resolution - go here if you want to see the best quality pic. (Warning - it’s huge - 6144x6144)

Click on the image to zoom in, and to get out of the Discourse’s preview (which is super low quality).

View The Map with Wormholes (also full res):



Wow I suggested this

I was planning to do this even before I published the first map, although it seemed like quite an insane task I almost never saw myself doing in the future.


Cool. now make a map with every player that’ll be constantly updated

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I already suggested this, but he said no

I was just joking

I was joking when suggest that, too

Sorry, I guess

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