A little help about the account!

Hello everyone, I was wondering on how I could make an official account in chicken invaders universe? It seems that the “link account” button doesn’t work… What do I have to do? (Please forgive me if this is in the wrong topic!)

You need to use your email account to link it with your CIU account. You can also have a guest account at the same time. Just click link account, and type in your email.

It says that the email doesn’t exist.

Did you type it in correctly?

100% sure.

Just play the game normally. After your reach Tier 3, the game will ask you to enter your e-mail. That e-mail will be used to identify your account from that point onward.

The “link account” button allows you to use your existing CIU account on a new device (for example, if you bought a new computer, or if you lost your progress). It cannot be used to add an e-mail to accounts that don’t have one.


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