A idea for a new medal

so um i think a lot of game have an achievements like have 100 friend in your friend list, so why not should we add a medal call “have 100 friend in your contact list” and the shape of the medal could be 2 spaceship man hive five together, is it sound cool?

Someone what have 100 contacts?

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  • Nop

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Nah. Nein. No. Not. Nie.

Seriously, don’t add this. It’s the worst requirement in gaming ever made.


I think medal are just given for gameplay-related.


this isn’t a facebook game


But it will be a mobile game :v

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“I think medal are just given for gameplay-related.” then why is a medal for login 30 days? it’s not even “related to gameplay”

Encouraging people to play is different to encouraging them to spam friend requests.

No support from me - these achievements cause more trouble than they’re worth and punish people who like to fly solo.

everyone would just friend everyone and everyone would accept the requests

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